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How we can outsmart cancer

Our therapeutic approach focuses on a subset of oncogenes known as transcription factors, which have many roles in the development of cancer but, historically, have been considered "undruggable targets". 

We are developing next generation peptide therapeutic candidates called  ™ (Stabilized Peptides Engineered Against Regulation). SPEARs drug transcription factors and regulatory pathways of disease that make cells cancerous or dampen the immune system against tumors.

We discover SPEARs through our Peptide Antagonist Discovery System (PADS™) platform, which creates new opportunities to outsmart cancer and develop next generation cancer treatments.

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We have a deep pipeline of programs that are advancing through various stages of development. Our lead therapeutic candidate, ST101, is a first-in-class antagonist of C/EBPβ that has demonstrated clinical proof-of-concept in multiple indications and is currently in Phase 2 development. Our next program, ST316, is a first-in-class antagonist of β-Catenin which is currently in IND enabling studies. We have SPEAR candidates and peptide hits targeting cJun, FOXP3 and others in discovery through lead optimization stages.

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Science Backed by Strong Leadership

Our world-class team of executives and scientists are helping us pave the way to providing therapeutics for significant unmet medical needs.